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IIJA Managed Remote VPN Service

IIJA Managed Remote Access VPN service secures remote connections to internal servers (email, groupware, other business servers etc.), personal computers and/or virtual desktop environments via Internet connection. It provides secure access to corporate resources from outside the office, including when working from home or traveling on business.

Service Summary

  • Remote Access Gateway
    • High performance equipment does not require a separate authentication server and accepts connections using the VPN capabilities built in to Windows operating systems.
  • Maintenance & Monitoring
    • 24x7 device monitoring, troubleshooting and replacement of failed equipment (by next business day)
  • Setup Change
    • Client configuration changes (during business hours)
  • Device Redundancy
    • Cold spare equipment support (optional)
  • * Customer is responsible for client VPN configurations, based on documentation provided by IIJA.
  • * VPN types: IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, SSL VPN

Service Benefits

  • Remote troubleshooting by IIJA
    IIJA can remotely troubleshoot or maintain equipment even when there is no IT personnel at the client site, significantly reducing down time since there is no need for IT personnel to be onsite.
  • Improve operational efficiency
    This service will improve operational efficiency by enabling secure end user access to files and/or data, even from outside the office. This service ensures secure access by VPN access between the client’s personal computer and client office network.
  • Prevent information leaks
    By enabling secure access to server files/data at the client’s office from outside the office, traveling employees no longer need to locally store files/data on their personal computers. This can prevent information leakage due to computer loss/theft.

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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