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IIJA’s IPsec WAN solution creates a secure corporate network over the Internet, using the IPsec encryption protocol, as a combination of IIJA’s Internet Service and Managed VPN Service. IIJA monitors and troubleshoots the network on 24/365 basis.

IIJA ensures secure access to critical systems, such as file servers and/or videoconferencing systems, by connecting your office networks within the United States using IIJA’s IPsec WAN solution. Based on IIJA’s Data Center or IIJA Cloud Service, the solutions we design and operate are not only highly secure but also disaster-resilient.

Solution Summary

  • VPN Topology
    • Star type VPN tunnel topology (hub-spoke model).
    • Internet access from each site can be configured according to two patterns. (Pattern 1 & 2 below)

  • Initial Setup
    • IIJA implements the initial configuration based on the configuration sheet filled out by the customer.
    • IIJA offers consultation on network design and any other special requirements that the customer may have.
  • Monitoring & Operation
    • VPN tunnels monitored on 24/365 basis.
    • Customer site additions and removals are managed remotely by IIJA staff.
  • Technical Support
    • 24x7x365 technical support for troubleshooting and customer notification. (IIJA Internet connection service required)
    • IIJA handles all issues related to the VPN equipment, such as troubleshooting and hardware replacement with the vendor

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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