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Data Center Service

IIJA's Data Center Colocation service offers the ideal environment for customers to maintain their network systems. IIJA engineers assist in designing the infrastructure, monitoring the equipment and managing the entire system to offer a complete outsourcing solution.

Data Center Overview

We operate our data center in worldwide data center provider facilities.100+ facilities in operation on five continents. Colocation services are backed by 24x7 on-site technical support, world-class physical security and 99.999% average uptime.

  • Security
    • 24x7 world-class physical security (control, monitor and record access to the facility, including individual cages)
    • Handscan, card reader, motion detection systems
    • Outer wall fence, vehicle barriers
  • Power/Cooling
    • Redundant delivery of commercial power
    • Full Uninterrrupted Power Supply(UPS) with N+1(or greater) power backup
    • Redundant in-rack power design
    • Backup generator systems in the event of local utility failures
    • Tier1 contracts with fuel companies in the event of local utility failures
    • Hot zone/cold zone managed airflow design
  • Fire Detection and Surpression
    • Multi-zone, dry pipe, water-based fire suppression systems with sensing mechanisms (sniffers)
    • Redundant sprinklers
    • Dual alarm (heat and/or smoke) activation

Service Summary

  • Service Locations
    • New York, New Jersey, California (San Jose and Los Angeles)
  • Cages
    • Shared Type - Rack space within IIJA cages
      • All devices duplexed to ensure redundancy. We provide the ideal network with two Ethernet cables for each client network.
      • Direct backbone connection for seamless and stable access.
      • Completely closed network in combination with IIJA Network.
    • Private Type – dedicated rack in the cage within the data center.
  • Rack Specification
    • 19-inch standard rack - full height
    • 20A/120V power supply x1
    • 24-hour Tier 1 troubleshooting by onsite engineers
    • 24-hour site access
  • Options
    • Internet access with onsite Ethernet connections (1Mbps-1Gbps)
    • IIJA WAN solution (IPsec VPN) hub site connections
    • 24x7 server monitoring [PING, system load (CPU/MEMORY/HDD), processes, application ports]
    • 24x7 network device monitoring [router, switch, firewall]
    • 24x7 server and network device administration/operation
    • Routine onsite work such as backup tape replacement
  • Fee
    • Contact us for details
  • Deliverly
    • 1 Month
  • Minimum Contract
    • 1 year

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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