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IIJA Document Exchange Service

IIJA Document Exchange Service (DOX) is an online storage service for securely sharing and distributing files within and between organizations.

Send and Receive Large Files
- Tracking system
- Secure delivery of files

Online Storage
- Access files at any time from any location
- Secure file transfer with SSL encryption
- Set access control on file folders

Service Summary

IJA Document Exchange Service (DOX) is an information sharing service for files that are too large to be transferred within the company or with parties outside the office by mail. DOX protects your valuable data from internet threats with a private circuit level security and virus detection.

With its Webmail function, DOX stores a file attachment in DOX, assigns a random URL for download and emails it to the recipient. To download the file, the recipient must either have their own DOX account or the password specified in the email. Incorrect recipients are prevented from downloading the file without the password. You can also limit the downloading period and/or the maximum number of file downloads. After the period is over or the maximum number is reached, DOX will automatically delete the file.

Service Feature

  • File Operations
    Users can access their files by the method best suited for their environment: "WebUI" through a Web browser, or "WebDAV", which is accessible through a Web folder.
  • Access Control
    Establish access privileges for specific folders based on a user or group basis. Users without access privileges will not be able to view the folder; in fact, they will not be aware of the folder's existence.
  • One-Time URL
    The One-Time URL function allows temporary access for guest users (without a DOX account) to a certain file through a randomly created address. Access to the file is automatically terminated after a predetermined time, or by a specific number of downloads. A One-Time URL can also be configured in conjunction with file uploads, which is a convenient function for users who would like to distribute files to non-group members/guest users on a temporary basis.
  • One-Time Upload
    The One-Time Upload function allows a secure interactive file exchange between a DOX and guest user. A DOX user can send a One-Time URL by using the DOX mail feature to a guest user, and the guest user can upload a file using the same URL.
  • Revision Management
    Manage a file's revision history, and track back to data based on a specific time and date.
  • Virus Check
    Files are automatically checked for viruses when they are uploaded. Infected files are flagged and will not be uploaded onto DOX. A report will be generated for flagged files describing the type of viruses that they contain. Files that are already uploaded can also be scanned for viruses.
  • Upload Notification
    A notification is sent to a designated email address when a file is uploaded.
  • File Search
    Search for text contained in a file name or by the latest modification date. This is a convenient for searching the newest 10 files of a certain file extension, etc.
  • Access Log References
    DOX file operations are logged, such as the date a file was uploaded, downloaded, deleted, etc.
  • English/Japanese interface
    All user interfaces are provided in Japanese and Englsih.

IIJA DOX Client for iOS: the iPhone/iPad Application

Installed on your iPhone or iPad, IIJ DOX Client lets you view or upload files in DOX from outside the office. You can also quickly access any file uploaded in DOX from a customer's location you are visiting, such as for use in a sales presentation.

Main menu Presentation mode Setting menu

Apps name: DOX client for iOS
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Accessible from Explorer

  • Users can access DOX through WebDAV, enabling file browsing the same as files stored locally on their computers.

Service Benefits

There is a higher risk of loss and theft when data is stored on removable media and carried outside the office. With DOX, there is no need for physically carrying data with you. DOX allows you to transfer data safely in a secure environment from wherever you are, thereby reducing the risk of information leaks.

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  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
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