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Web Defense Service

IIJA Secure Web Gateway Service-Web Defense is a ASP Total security service that features web filtering and anti-virus/spyware blocking. This service can build strong web security and help reduce operational burden.

Service Summary

  • Anti-Virus
    You can block web-based viruses before they enter your business network, protecting your business from new web-based viruses.

  • World’s highest detection rate
    The anti-virus protection is provided through Kaspersky, makers of one of the world’s most unbeatable virus detection engines.
  • Detect Malware/Spyware
    One of the more important features of this service is the encryption of traffic between email servers on the Internet, preventing the risk of intercepting email transmissions. The encryption is handled by the service without the user having to perform any special tasks.
  • 50 content categories to filter
    Administrator can choose policies from among 50 content categories.

  • Web filtering industry’s best standard database
    The URL database contains more than 15 million website ratings.
  • Variety of Reporting Features
    • Threat Overview
      Filtering Summary for Malware, Spyware, Phishing, Virus
    • Allowed Content
      Access Summary for allowed content
    • Denied Content
      Access Summary for denied content

IIJA Web Defense Service

Service Description Monthly*
(per user)
Threat Control Spyware Blocking, Anti-Virus Defense, Anti-Phishing Protection $3.50 $100.00
Content Control Advanced URL Filtering, Safe Search Security $2.50
Total Control Threat Control + Content Control $4.80

* Minimum order: $50 per month
* Minimum contract term: 1 month

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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