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Secure MX Service

IIJA’s Secure MX offers a complete lineup of email security measures, including spam filter and virus check on incoming and outgoing mails. This service is provided as an ASP gateway model that makes no changes to the customer’s current email system, and also allows the customer to not worry about incurring operational labor or taking risks with their assets.

Service Summary

Service Feature

  • Spam Mail Filter
    The highly-acclaimed McAfee spam filter quarantines spam emails, including Spam emails containing Japanese text. In terms of advanced precision and convenience, this service is considered to have the best track record in the Japanese market.
  • Anti-Virus
    In addition to the anti-virus engine, standard features include automatic updates that respond to the latest virus outbreaks, further reducing the risk of viruses entering your email system.
  • Route Encryption
    One of the more important features of this service is the encryption of traffic between email servers on the Internet, which prevents the risk of intercepting email transmissions. The encryption is handled by the service without the user having to perform any special tasks.
  • Sender Authentication
    The Sender Authentication feature ensures a crucial level of verification with respect to Internet email. IIJ led the industry in offering sender authentication.
  • Mail Suspension
    The Fail-Safe Mail Cache feature allows incoming email to be temporarily stored in the Secure SMX gateway in case the customer’s email system goes down due to routine maintenance or unexpected trouble.
  • Download Email Logs
    IIJA can archive email records (logs) and other statistical information on behalf of their customers. Customers will be able to download this information through an online interface for system administrators.
  • Mail Archiving (Option)
    The IIJ Secure MX Service allows companies to archive all incoming and outgoing email messages, strengthening internal controls and preserving evidence for use in court cases. IIJ also offers long-term storage and/ or search services using external media archives.
  • Mailbox(Option)
    By fully outsourcing the entire email system (including email caching), customers can reduce the burden that comes with operating an email system in-house. The IIJA Secure MX Service also supports message encryption (incoming/outgoing), restricting access by connection source, and placing limitations on message forwarding.
  • *The IIJA Secure MX Service does not require the customer to use an IIJA Internet connection service.

Service Benefits

  • Cut Significant Labor Hours for Your Information Systems Department
    By leaving the email system up to IIJA, managers can now apply resources more effectively by not having to continually respond to system failures and other problems.
  • “Asset-less” = No Asset Risk!
    The IIJA Secure MX service does not require the customer to purchase additional servers or equipment, eliminating obsolescence; the minimum usage period for the Basic Service is only one month.
  • Spend for What You Need Now, Add Others Later
    The IIJA Secure MX service allows the flexibility for the customer to purchase only the functions that are currently needed and add other functions when it becomes necessary (number of accounts, archiving, etc).
  • Add the Latest Security Functions on a “Function-by-Function” basis.
    The latest security functions can be implemented quickly and easily without having to alter the current environment of the customer’s email system.
  • Simple Flat-Rate Monthly Fees
    Software updates and maintenance costs are included in the monthly fee.

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