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Email Protection Service

The Email Protection Service can eliminate spam and virus-infected messages BEFORE they reach your mail server! It allows customers to instantly deny the delivery of unwanted spam and virus-infected messages to their networks. With a hassle-free setup process and a top-quality filtering system*, what more could you ask for?

Service Summary

Before reaching your email server, all incoming email will pass through the McAfee gateway, allowing delivery of only clean messages to users. Questionable email will be quarantined, where users can log on to the user console to verify which emails did not reach their inbox. The administrator can set rights on whether to allow users to log on to the console.

  • Equipped with McAfee’s Filtering Engine
    McAfee's filtering engine operates as a Bayesian filter and also combines the technologies of other filtering engines to provide the utmost protection. The filtering engine is constantly updated with new rules, providing the customer with up-to-date protection even against the latest spam messages.
  • Easy-to-Install ASP Service
    Customer only needs to change the MX record for the DNS
  • Low Cost
    Software or hardware installation not required
  • No Long-Term Commitment
    1Service is provided on a month-to-month contract. No long-term agreement is required!
  • Includes Email Security Functions
    Scans for viruses, worms, content, and also filters malicious file attachments. Equipped to deny fraud email, blocks attacks attempted at the email server
  • Access Quarantined Email over the Web
    Users can receive quarantine reports* on a daily basis and log in to access quarantined emails over the web
    * Administrative screen allows the administrator to select how often users can receive quarantine reports
  • Detail Report
    • View Statistic Detail Report
      View reports for: incoming email traffic, viruses scanned, spam/content/attachments filtered, released email.
    • Create settings for both the domain level and the user level
    • Select filtering policies for viruses/spam/content/attachments
    • Quarantine report settings
    • Quarantine settings based on spam score
    • View quarantined email
  • Mail Security Option Features
    • Outbound Filtering
      Blocks outbound messages that contain inappropriate content, along with viruses/worms. Also allows the customer to set capacity restrictions when sending file attachments.
    • Fail Safe (Disaster Recovery)
      McAfee will cache incoming messages for up to 5 days in case the customer’s mail server is offline due to maintenance, power outage, or hardware failure. Cached messages will be released to user inboxes the moment the mail server is back up and running.
    • Message Continuity Service
      In the event of a mail server going offline due to maintenance, power outage, or hardware failure, the Message Continuity Service provides the following features:
      Store incoming messages on the McAfee gateway for 60 days
      Allows users to send/receive messages using McAfee's webmail console
      Resume regular gateway operation the moment the customer's mail server is back up and running
Service Description Monthly*
(per mailbox)
MX Enterprise Defense Plus Spam Blocking $0.90 $100.00
MX Enterprise Defense
Plus-Double Virus
Spam Blocking,
Double(2) Virus Scanning
MX Enterprise Defense
Plus-Triple Virus
Spam Blocking,
Triple(3) Virus Scanning
[OPTION] Outbound Message Filtering $0.35 / mailbox
[OPTION] Disaster Recovery Service -Email Continuity $1.00 / mailbox
[OPTION] Fail Safe Service $0.20 / mailbox

* Minimum order: $50 per month
* Minimum contract term: 1 month

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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