Case Study

Office Relocation Project

Case Study

Office Relocation Project

IIJ America works as a member of your team to join in overseas office launch/relocation/layout redesign projects.
We use our rich experience and broad know-how for supporting smooth project implementation as well as flexibly and rapidly responding to unexpected situations.

Even after project completion, IIJ America engineers who supported IT project implementation can continue to be responsible for maintenance. Engineers with a strong understanding of your IT infrastructure deliver a stable IT infrastructure through their high quality support.

Office Relocation Project for a Japanese Manufacturing Company

Office Relocation Project for a Japanese Manufacturing Company

A Japanese manufacturer with manufacturing/sales operations in the United States asked if we could support their office relocation, in addition to handling the IT infrastructure in relation to the office relocation. The customer office had no onsite IT staff, and the person responsible for the office relocation was mainly responsible for management/finance. As this person had no office relocation experience, IIJ America took responsibility for the entire office relocation project, including IT. As a relocation project management experience including IT infrastructure build consulting and vendor control, the project was launched with one project manager and one system engineer.

Based on IIJ America’s experience and know-how learned until now, the office relocation was successfully completed, with pinpoint precision support, completing the project in line with the customer’s schedule expectations.

Project Overview

  • Relocate office of Japanese manufacturer with manufacturing/sales in the United States
  • Office: Approximately 25 staff
  • Relocation period: 4 months

Project Overall Flow

  1. Meeting, cost estimate, project request
    An IT-related estimate was urgently needed for internal budget approval. After several meetings, we received a formal go-ahead for the project.
  2. Site survey, documentation
    IIJ America conducted a basic site survey, met with equipment personnel, and submitted a survey report to the customer. After listening to customer requests and concerns, a proposal was submitted for man-hours for the consulting and project management service as well as a cost estimate.
  3. Kickoff Meeting
    All vendors were gathered for a kickoff meeting. Office relocation project action items were discussed and a preliminary schedule was established.

    Action items

    • Office IT plan (Pre-check of IT environment)
    • Server room design (Electrical/HVAC)
    • Office internal IT design (integrated wiring, cabling work)
    • Network design (Internet, firewall)
    • Documentation
  4. Regular meetings
    Regular meetings with vendors were held each week and updates were provided to the customer.
  5. IT infrastructure build, IT service implementation
    On the customer’s behalf, IIJ America negotiated costs and procured all equipment locally. Integrated wiring and server room design were submitted to local vendor and implemented with customer input and feedback.
  6. Office opening

Project Schedule

  • Pre-project
    1. Enter into NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with customer
    2. Begin preparing detailed shopping list, obtain final confirmation from customer
    3. List up all required IT related equipment and services
    4. Finalize IT related equipment specifications and IT service details
    5. Finalize office layout and network design
    6. Finalize telephone system design
    7. Select vendors and establish vendor communication matrix
    8. Gather vendors and hold kickoff meeting
  • Mid-project
    1. Begin receiving IT equipment and service estimates
    2. Review contents of each estimate
    3. Report receipt of estimates -> modify to reflect customer requests
    4. Provide final report to customer and obtain go-ahead to begin work
    5. Begin IT equipment/IT related service work (order on customer’s behalf)
    6. Hold telephone conferences with vendors and arrange onsite meetings as needed
    7. Follow up order status and verify lead times
  • End-project
    1. Arrange delivery and receipt of IT equipment
    2. Manage daily work schedule for onsite vendors, direct onsite activities, manage quality
    3. Test and validate IT equipment/IT service functionality (phones, integrated wiring, Internet service, etc.)
    4. Hand over to customer (user training, resolve launch-related issues)
    5. Deliver handover documentation
      IT system overview, rack layout, network design, including server settings, license information, IT device list, IP list, phone settings, contact list for related vendors.

Post-office relocation maintenance and support

  • Set up temporary fault support desk (English, Japanese)
  • Perform remote system management and regular virus checks
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Handle IT equipment hardware failures (vendor control)
    • Quality assurance - create troubleshooting procedures, provided instruction to vendors
    • Update site manual (document all IT-related information)
    • Manage and regularly review outage history
  • Respond to IT service outages (contact service providers)
    • Contact vendor(s) after remote troubleshooting
    • Monitor outage response status and escalate
    • Verify return to normal service and report to customer
  • IIJA onsite engineer
    • Respond to major outages
    • Perform system checkups during regular onsite visits

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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