Case Study

DR Site Project

Case Study

Disaster Recovery Project

IIJ America works as a member of your team to join in disaster recovery projects.
We can rebuild your entire information system design and migrate a portion of or all information systems to a robust data center-based cloud service, assuring data security and business continuity during a disaster.

Additionally, even after project completion, experienced IIJ America engineers continue to provide to you a stable IT infrastructure through their high quality support.

Disaster Recovery Project for a Japanese Chemical Manufacturer

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy partially flooded the New York building where the customer’s head office was located, causing an outage lasting more than two weeks of key information systems such as email, file servers and accounting data, making it extremely difficult to continue business operations.

Taking this Hurricane Sandy loss as a lesson, and with the need to consider future solutions, we worked with the customer’s IT staff to launch a disaster recovery project.

Project Overview

  • Change the information systems and overall architecture of a Japanese chemical manufacturer with multiple U.S. locations
  • Office size: approx. 50 staff
  • Services used:  IIJ GIO US Service E Series, vFirewall, Switch, Vembu Backup, Internet, Exchange email service, Archiving service
  • Project period: 3 months ~


  • Before
    Single circuit local carrier access. Because there is no backup circuit, Internet access was not possible when the main circuit was down.
  • After
    IIJ America provided main and backup circuits from different carriers. Furthermore, implementing an automatic backup design with redundancy reduced the risk of losing Internet connectivity in a disaster.

Mail service

  • Before
    Because the email server was located on the customer premises, email could not be accessed if the office’s Internet circuit went down.
  • After
    Email was changed to IIJ America’s Exchange email service. This allowed access to email even if access to the office building was not possible or if the office Internet was down, enabling email access from any location with a connection to the Internet. By adding McAfee’s Archiving service, it was also possible to ensure mail data is backed up.

System Infrastructure

  • Before
    The accounting system and all file servers were located on the customer premises, so access was not possible if office access or the office Internet connectivity was down.
  • After
    IIJ GIO US Service was used and the information system infrastructure was migrated to IIJ America’s New York cloud service, with the most important accounting data and file server data being backed up by IIJ America’s west coast cloud service. Using IIJ GIO US Service/E Series with the VPN and firewall options enables affordable, secure connectivity between the customer’s on-premises environment and each cloud infrastructure. This also provides a remote access environment, enabling access to internal resources from even outside the company, and the continuation of business activity during a disaster.

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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