Case Study

Server Cloud Migration Project

Case Study

Server to Cloud Migration Project

IIJ America works as a member of your team to join in internal office server could migration projects.

Based on the rich know-how we have cultivated as a cloud service operator, we can support the smooth launch and execution of your projects.

Post-project customer operational burden can also be reduced by leveraging IIJ America’s other managed solutions.

Server Migration for a Japanese Corporation with Multiple Sites

In order to improve access speeds and stability, mail servers and file servers at the headquarters location were migrated to the IIJ GIO US service. A dedicated project team was launched and IIJ America ran the entire project, from server site survey to planning to migration.

Project Overview

  • Provide various cloud services and migrate servers.
  • Provide Internet connectivity to each office and implement a managed VPN to the cloud.
  • Locations: 5
  • Migration period: 3 months ~
  • Pre-migration environment
    • Mail servers and file servers located at HQ location.
    • HQ using a T1 Internet connection.
  • Pre-migration issues needing improvement
    • All employees unable to access required information in the event of an Internet outage at the HQ location.
    • Access extremely slow when traveling or connecting from home.
  • Proposed service/solution
    • Migrate servers to IIJA GIO US service
      Placing servers in the cloud enables access without traversing the HQ location.
    • High speed Ether Internet service for HQ
      Upgrade to high-speed circuit to provide the same speeds as when servers were on the local area network (LAN).
    • T1 Internet service for each branch office
      Each location provided with a circuit for managed VPN with GIO as the hub for one-stop internal network, for complete end to end proactive response by IIJA, from fault troubleshooting to service restoration.
    • Propose/implement server migration plan
  • Implementation results
    • Dramatic improvement in fault tolerance. Reliable servers, available any time.
    • Improved availability and network speed for stress-free remote access.

  • vmware PARTNER
  • CISCO Select Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AVAYA Authorized Partner
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • riverbed

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